"Будьмо" jak w domu

Екосадиба - відкриття в травні

Wlasciciel Hotelu Budmo - Shiliak Svitlana

Tourism in Prikarpatyu

Carpathian - historical region of Ukraine. According to modern views is most of the Carpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk region. The Carpathian Mountains occupy only a third of the region, but most mountain landscapes were visiting card of the land. Rest in Verhovyna and Yaremcha always been tourist paradise. In addition to the Carpathian Mountains are many interesting historical and architectural objects. Ancient Galich, which recently celebrated its 1100 anniversary. In ancient chronicles mention Tysmenytsia (1143), Snyatyn (1158), Tolmach (1213), Coloma (1240). And then there are Manyavsky skit, rock Dovbusha Panteleymonovskaya church, CBS. It was written Galician Gospel and Galicia-Volyn chronicle.


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